Tax Free Shopping: Save on Your Expenses with the New 70 Euro Threshold

Tax Free Shopping: Save on Your Expenses with the New 70 Euro Threshold

Tax Free Shopping: Collini Cutlery in Busto Arsizio Italy - Save on VAT with the New 70 Euro Threshold

The tax free service has become an increasingly attractive option for international travelers (coming from outside the European Community), allowing them to save on Italian VAT 22% on their purchases. Coltelleria Collini in Busto Arsizio is at the forefront in this sector, offering non-EU customers the opportunity to take advantage of this benefit directly in their store. In this article, we will explore the details of this service and how it works, with particular attention to the recent reduction of the spending threshold to 70 euros.

Tax Free Shopping: The New Threshold

Until now, the spending limit beyond which customers could benefit from the tax free service was set at 154.90 euros. However, with recent legislative changes, this threshold has been lowered to 70 euros. This move puts Italy more in line with the policies adopted by other European countries and makes the service accessible to a wider range of international buyers.

Benefits of the New Threshold

The reduction of the spending threshold brings with it a series of benefits for non-EU customers who choose to shop at Coltelleria Collini in Busto Arsizio, or other businesses that offer this service.

Among these benefits:

Accessibility: With a lower spending threshold, more customers can now benefit from the tax free service, making the products of Coltelleria Collini even more attractive to international travelers.

Savings: By reducing the spending limit, customers can now save on Italian VAT 22% even on lower-value purchases, allowing them to achieve greater financial benefits.

Convenience: Coltelleria Collini is committed to making the tax free shopping process as simple and convenient as possible for its customers. With the new threshold of 70 euros, the process becomes even more accessible and faster.


How the Tax Free Service Works at Coltelleria Collini

The tax free shopping process at Coltelleria Collini has been designed to be simple and fast through the Stamp platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience for non-EU customers.

Using the Stamp Platform


Coltelleria Collini uses the Stamp platform, an innovative software integrated with the OTELLO 2.0 Customs System. This integration allows the store to transmit and issue tax-exempt electronic invoices in compliance with current regulations. This means that customers can take advantage of the tax free service directly at the store, without the need for intermediaries.


The tax free shopping process is simple and fast:

Shopping at a Partner Store: Customers can duty-free shop at Stamp's partner stores, including Coltelleria Collini. Just download the app to discover where discounts are available.
Validation at the EU Customs Office: After making their purchases, customers must go to the EU Customs office with the unused goods to validate the invoice. There is no need to visit tax refund kiosks.
Sending the Proof of Validation: Once the EU Customs has stamped the paper invoice, customers must send a photo of the stamped invoice to Stamp.
Confirmation and Departure: Once the confirmation message is received from Stamp, the procedure is completed, and customers can leave the EU territory, enjoying their duty-free purchases.
The Strategic Location of Coltelleria Collini


Coltelleria Collini in Busto Arsizio enjoys an extremely strategic position, making it easily accessible to foreign visitors from outside the European Community.


Proximity to Switzerland, Malpensa Airport, and Milan Italy

Located just 30 km from the Swiss border, Coltelleria Collini is a convenient stop for travelers coming from this country. Additionally, its proximity to Malpensa Airport, only 10 km away by train and 20 by car, makes it an ideal destination for international arrivals. Lastly, its location just 25 km from Milan makes it easily accessible for those visiting the city and wanting to take a short trip to discover the vast selection of products offered by Coltelleria Collini.

The reduction of the spending threshold to 70 euros makes Coltelleria Collini's tax free service even more convenient and accessible for non-EU customers.

With a simple and fast procedure, international travelers can now enjoy savings on Italian VAT 22% on a wide range of quality products offered by the store.

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